Biological proof of relationship, Twin Zygosity, Grandparentage, Siblings,and also Simply Means Establishing Fatherhood
Immigration Test:

If you are sponsoring, or petitioning, for relatives to come to the U.S. from another country, the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) may ask you to get an Immigration DNA Test from an AABB Certified laboratory to prove your relationship. we arrange this DNA test for your relatives in 175 countries worldwide.

.Twin Zygosity

Fraternal twins have different genes. They were conceived from different eggs and sperm. Fraternal twins may be of the same sex, or, they may be of different sex. The DNA twin zygosity test determines whether twins are identical or fraternal.


In cases where the alleged father is deceased or unknown, the paternal grandparents can be tested to determine the likelihood they are the child's true paternal grandparents.


It determines if two (or more) people are full or half-siblings. This test is often ordered by a mother who wants to see if her two children have the same father but doesn’t want the possible fathers to be involved in the test. Two adults who discover that they might share a father may also schedule this test.


Receive biological proof of relationship for the immigration process.

Here are a few reasons why clients choose a formal court admissible test:
A Judge or attorney has requested a copy of the paternity test result
Child Support
Tested Parties are in different State or Locations
Criminal Case
Alleged Father is Unavailable
Social Security benefits

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